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Break Free & Fly High in 2023

Your powerful New Year's program

Make 2023 your best year and achieve your unique goals and vision full of power 

Another year has passed and you already don't remember what was on your list of New Year's resolutions? You finally want to use 2023 to break free and achieve your unique vision and individual goals with full power? Then this program is for you!

Make the most of 2023 with this powerful New Year's program: Enter an empowering Coaching room in January and February, where you use the strong energy of the new year to align yourself in a completely new and clear way. Create your own liberated, lively life and fulfilled relationships, in harmony with yourself!

Does that sound familiar?

Another year has passed and you can't remember what was on your New Year's resolution list? You also feel like you're chasing goals that aren't yours, but are socially dictated. This looks great from the outside but feels pretty empty on the inside? That is about to end right now!

Your empowering space for your greatest transformation

The powerful New Year's program opens a unique space, in which you use the strong energy in the new year, to align yourself completely new and clear: In 6 intensive and transformative online Coaching sessions of 2 hours each in January and February 2023.


Free yourself from all chains, frames and boxes that you no longer fit into, listen to your inner voice and connect to your unique vision and goals.


Life is short:

The cost of not following your heart is spending the rest of your life wishing you had. 

What's waiting for you

6 intensive online Coaching sessions of 2 hours each in January and February 2023

Powerful preparation to the Coaching sessions

1. Coaching: The big picture

You want to live, love and work differently, but don't know how? Here you first get an idea of the big picture, look at all the systems in your life and coordinate them with each other.

2. Coaching: Your alignment

Your life in harmony with you and your inner compass: Here you can find out which values and needs are important to you, which drive you and make you feel good.

3. Coaching: Your powerful vision and your goals

Enter into a space, where it is easy for you to find your own answers, to discover your vision and to formulate your goals.

4. Coaching: Your timeline

Stay on track with your powerful schedule and define for yourself when you want to achieve what

5. Coaching: Follow your goals clearly and easily

Discover your individual strategies to easily achieve your goals.

6. Coaching: Step into your power

Here you make sure that you achieve your goals and your vision in the long term and integrate action steps into your everyday life. You remove blockages and create your liberated and lively life and fulfilled relationships in harmony with yourself.


plus VAT

Your upgrade:
Your accompaniment for a whole year on your journey to your liberated life

You additionally want to have a powerful support with monthly check-ins troughout the whole year? You really want to make sure you stay on track and are pursuing your vision and goals clearly, at your best, and on schedule? Then this upgrade is for you!

That's included in your upgrade

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6 intensive and transformative online Coaching sessions of 2 hours each in January and February 2023 (see above)

11 online Coaching sessions of 1 hour each throughout the whole year

Make sure you achieve your vision and goals and clear your blocks. Get off to a flying start in 2023 and create your free life.

Your empowering space for monthly check-ins

Come into your space, where you connect beyond all the boxes, frames and chains of the norm with what really matters: Your inner voice. Monthly check-ins are your space for reflection, to regularly connect to your vision and goals, and to empower yourself to reach your goals with your full power.

Your regular alignment

Your strong accompaniment to stay on track: Here you make sure that you pursue your goals with all your power and create your liberated, lively life and fulfilling relationships in harmony with yourself. Stay flexible and keep pursuing your goals even if your plans change. 

Clear blockages regularly and live in the flow

You regularly release your blockages so that nothing can stop you from achieving your goals and your vision with your full power.


plus. VAT

What clients say

Marcos, Cyprus

"Although my life was in a good place when I met Alina, there were a few things that I felt needed to be restructured. After just three sessions with her, these loose pieces have already started to fit together.


Alina's methodology encourages me to answer unresolved questions, while conversations with her are not only comfortable and thought-provoking, but also surprisingly fun.


Thank you for your time and energy Alina!

Make 2023 the year of your liberation

It´s a Movement

At The ConnectEd I accompany people all over the world in three languages on their individual journey to liberation.

Your empowering space

For this I create a unique, empowering space in systemic Coachings, in which you can easily find your own answers beyond the boxes, frames and chains of the norm, go out and create your liberated life and fulfilled relationships in harmony with yourself.

Your greatest transformation

For your greatest transformation and to make your journey into your liberated life the best, I combine powerful methods for the first time: I am a systemic personal and business coach, diversity and anti-bias trainer, political scientist and trained in nonviolent communication.


Hey! Good that you're here!

Finally free: spirituality meets activism

I believe that liberation begins within us and that connection to ourselves and to others beyond bias is the first step towards a more just world. Let's start with you!

I'm Alina Wagner (she/her), founder of The ConnectEd, I don't fit into any box myself and bringing connectedness beyond bias into the world is the mission of my heart.

I look forward to accompanying you on your individual journey to liberation!


Let's challenge the norm together!


We may only have one life.
Make sure it's YOURS!

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