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Unique methods for your journey to liberation

Unique mix of methods for your greatest transformation

The ConnectEd combines proven methods from different disciplines for the first time: The unique mix of methods of systemic Coaching, non-violent communication, anti-bias approach and embodiment makes your greatest transformation possible. 

Reframe instead of reproduce: Define for yourself and make new decisions

You want to define role models and terms such as “being successful” or “being a woman” for yourself and not simply adopt and reproduce them, but you are still chasing roles and definitions that don’t suit you and which are not yours?

Get rid of all definitions and concepts that no longer fit for you and redefine them for yourself. For example, what does a successful life look like in harmony with you?



REthink: Rethink terms

REfeel: Discover what feels really good and alive for you

REembody: Learn to listen to your body. The body knows immediately what is good for you.

REname: Rename terms when old names no longer suit you

REact: Decide to act differently 

Powerful Coaching space for real connection

In Coaching, The ConnectEd opens a unique, empowering space for real connection to you, which makes great transformation possible. This is where the journey to your liberated life takes place.

In this space of deep, non-judgemental, bias-free, honest, present and mindful connection, beyond the boxes we are pressed into by ourselves and others, the division into right and wrong and conditioned thinking, you are empowered, to create your liberated life in harmony with yourself.

Come into your space full of possibilities, perspectives and solutions and find your own answers easily.

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